Chapter 3: Part 1

About Josiah:

8 Years Ago…

I started editing professionally eight years ago after a friend had me take a look at one of his manuscripts, but due to the overwhelming response I received I transitioned into editing full-time. Since then, I have worked on over four hundred published projects for self-published/indie authors and small presses alike. To me, the absolute most important thing within editing is finding that balance between the author’s voice and clarity of writing. Many editors out there think you can keep the same cookie-cutter template on how to edit, project after project, and that’s just not true. Maintaining the author’s voice while making the book flow clearly is paramount, and that’s where I focus my efforts. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for editing. You put in a huge amount of effort in writing your book, and I’m here to do the same thing so we can really make your book shine.

Make it Incredible

I’m still a huge fan of reading, and whenever I take on a new editing project I look at it from the perspective of “what can we do to make this work even better?” There’s almost nothing more satisfying than taking a good book and making it incredible.