Chapter 2: Part 7

Book Coaching

“He is 100% Committed to the Craft”


“When I first saw the extremely reasonable rates for Josiah’s editing services, my first thoughts were likely the same of many people: that it was simply too good to be true. However, I was astounded by his professionalism from the very first correspondence. He got to my book ahead of schedule, and he returned the book to me only a few days afterward! On top of his meticulous corrections in terms of grammar and superfluous phrasing, he also offered constructive criticism and appropriate compliments that gave me the needed direction to make my writing have more of an impact. I would definitely recommend Josiah, and I plan to use his services again in the near future.”

— Peter Bolton, author of Tales from the Sixth Borough


“I came to publishing forums with a unique problem and a stressful timeline, asking for advice from anyone willing to instruct me on getting my book published. Two days later, Josiah emailed me and offered his services, and I am so blessed to have worked with him. He should’ve pulled out his hair due to all of the mistakes of this first-time author, but he didn’t. Instead he pointed out all of the flaws that were holding me back in my manuscript and helped show me ways to improve upon them. Thank you Josiah, for teaching this aging man how to tell a story, once again”

— Will Carter, author of One Man’s Worth

Book Coaching

If you’re struggling with plot and character consistency, POV, general flow and pacing, or direction in your manuscript, I would love to help you out. Whether you’re a first-time author or a seasoned world-builder, I can assist you in focusing your voice and ideas in the plot, allowing you to create that book you’ve always wanted to.


Content Editing

Through coaching, I offer a content edit through which I will focus on the structure of your manuscript and address any issues that disrupt your flow or keep your voice from truly shining through. Every content edit also includes a full copyedit.


Above and Beyond

As a book coach, I am an editor here to help guide you through the publishing process and beyond.  I offer authors writing coaching as well as assistance in finding a cover artist and graphic designer to professionally layout the interior of your book. I also assist my clients in the actual publication process, whether they go with self or traditional publishing.

Why Get Book Coaching?

A clear story that excites readers

Consistent flow within the story from scene to scene

Believable, relate-able characters within your narrative

Maintain your reader's trust and belief in your story and you as an author

Solid pacing that keeps the reader's interest throughout


Author's Assistant

$25.00 per 1,000 words.

Includes two passes of editing, first for structure and the second for line editing.

Author Concierge

$29.00 per 1,000 words.

Includes two passes of editing, first for structure and the second for line editing, and then a final-draft proofread.

Peace of Mind

$33.00 per 1,000 words.

Includes two passes of editing, first for structure and the second for line editing, two 30-minute Skype calls, and then a final-draft proofread.