Chapter 2: Part 4

Line Editing

“Josiah has helped me to recognize my weaknesses

and polish my writing style so that I can put my best foot forward.”

Line Editing

My rate for Line Editing is $13.50 per thousand words for first-time clients and $12.50 for repeat clients.

A line edit addresses any grammatical issues within your manuscript, especially focusing

on punctuation, typos, tense consistency, sentence flow, and word choice/repetition.

First Time Working with Me?

Want to request a sample? Send the first 1,000 words of your manuscript along with your inquiry to get started for free! 

Track Changes versus New Comment 

I structure my entire approach to editing using the New Comment feature in Word. The general trend for editors currently is to use Track Changes, which would have the editor inputting all of the necessary corrections and then allowing the author to hit “Accept Changes” and move on from there. I view that approach as detrimental to the growth of an author. I put all of my changes in New Comments, which helps to show recurring errors to the author as they go through and make the corrections. Hitting a button to accept a change does not have near the same impact on your growth as seeing the same issues arise and correcting them on your own. I want every author I work with to grow, and I’ve seen vast improvements when authors are willing to take the extra time to work through the recurring problems. At the end of the day, the manuscript is yours, and it is your book. I’m simply here to help guide and refine you along the way.

Comments help writers become better authors. That alone is reason enough.

– Best-selling author, Stuart Thaman

With track changes the author won’t learn from his mistakes and their writing isn’t going to improve. Comments allow an author to grow.

– Best-selling author, Hugo Huesca