Chapter 2: Part 6

Deep Dive Developmental Edit

Don’t underestimate the benefits from a developmental edit of your book.

Mine was written serially, and when Josiah reviewed it, he found the ticks and inconsistencies that came as a result of the process, including the places where I cheated, took shortcuts, and even problems specific to the subgenre I was writing in, LitRPG. All of the above were in addition to his observations about character, plot points, and pacing. His feedback was straightforward, well-informed, and thorough.

It was a lot of work making the necessary fixes, but the developmental edits made the novel so much stronger.”


– Samer Rabadi, author of Eight

    Deep Dive

    Developmental Edit

    My rate for a deep dive developmental edit is $17 per thousand words.

    With this, I’ll do the normal pass of the developmental edit as usual, but then once I’m done you’ll have free rein to send as many questions as you need until we’re both happy with where the story winds up. I’ll also do a second read-through of any sections you might need extra time spent on, or parts where you’ve reworked it and need to know if it’s capturing your intent correctly.

    Why get a deep dive Developmental edit?

    Sometimes, sharing the story you really want to tell can take quite a bit of work. Maybe you have thoughts in mind that you don’t think you’re expressing in quite the right way, or perhaps there’s just something missing no matter how much you and your beta readers go through it.

    Storytelling is never an easy task, and there’s going to be times in your writing career that a book takes more effort than others. The normal work flow when Book Coaching with an author is to do a developmental pass through the book, mark up issues that present themselves, address overarching concepts with the book in a final wrap-up email, then help clarify your five biggest questions after the fact.

    That process generally takes 1-2 weeks, and is done to streamline both time involved and cost for you. That’s what we’re here for. For those authors who want a more involved, hands-on process with back-and-forth dialogue, the deep dive developmental edit may be what you’re looking for.