Chapter 2: Part 2

Manuscript Outline Edit

Josiah is an incredibly thorough and knowledgeable editor

who knows how to communicate exactly what is wrong with a piece of writing and provides an easy solution to fix it. He turned the writing in my new book, a rough bit of earth, into a sparkling diamond.


– Phoenix Ward, author of Installed


Outline Editing

My rate for this is $125 for outlines up to 5,000 words, and $150 for outlines up to 10,000 words

With this outline edit, I’ll go through your concepts, making notes on what plot points flow well, what elements need more work, how the pacing feels, and if you’re planning enough character depth, which will then give you a better framework when you begin to work the outline into an actual book.

Why get an edit of your outline?

One of the difficult parts of writing a book is moving the story from the outline to a complete manuscript. Outlines can take weeks or months to craft, while a full book can take months or years. Before investing your time in writing out an entire novel when you’re not completely set on your outline, have it looked at by a professional.

Going from the structure of an outline to a complete novel can be daunting, but I’m here to help make it as pain-free and streamlined as possible. Do you want to be sure your story works the way you want before you invest months into writing it all out? This may be exactly what you need.